The name is Concept2, and it may just be the missing piece to your fitness routine. While there are countless brands and products available in the world of CrossFit, Concept2 stands out as renowned for their rowing machines. But don’t let that fool you – their rowers are not just for rowing enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, Concept2 offers a versatile and effective way to build strength, improve cardiovascular endurance, and enhance overall fitness. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Concept2 has become a go-to choice for athletes across the globe. So, if you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level, consider Concept2 as your trusted companion on the road to success.


Overview of Concept2

Concept2 is a well-known brand in the fitness industry, particularly renowned for its high-quality rowing machines. The brand has a rich history and a strong brand philosophy that sets it apart from its competitors. Concept2 offers a diverse range of products that cater to different fitness needs and goals.

Brand History

Concept2 was founded in 1976 by two former Olympic rowers, Dick and Peter Dreissigacker. The brothers initially started the company to create high-performance oars for rowing competitions. Over time, they expanded their product line to include indoor rowing machines, which soon became the company’s flagship product.

Brand Philosophy

Concept2 prides itself on its commitment to excellence and innovation. The brand values the importance of ergonomics, durability, and performance in its products. Concept2 aims to provide fitness enthusiasts with the best possible equipment to achieve their fitness goals and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Product Range

Concept2 offers a wide range of products beyond its iconic rowing machines. The brand also manufactures skiergs, which simulate the motion of cross-country skiing, and bikeergs, which provide the experience of cycling indoors. These products cater to different types of cardiovascular workouts and offer versatile options for users.

Concept2 Rowing Machines

Concept2 rowing machines are highly regarded in the fitness industry for their exceptional features and benefits. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, these rowing machines are designed to provide an effective full-body workout.

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Features of Concept2 Rowing Machines

Concept2 rowing machines come equipped with various features that enhance the user experience. These features include adjustable resistance, a comfortable ergonomic design, a clear and easy-to-read monitor, and smooth and quiet operation. The machines are also built to withstand heavy usage and provide long-lasting durability.

Benefits of using Concept2 Rowing Machines

There are numerous benefits to incorporating Concept2 rowing machines into your fitness routine. Rowing is a low-impact exercise that works multiple muscle groups, including the arms, legs, back, and core. It helps improve cardiovascular health, increase endurance, build strength, and assist in weight loss. Additionally, rowing is a great option for rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Customer Reviews

Customers have overwhelmingly positive reviews of Concept2 rowing machines. Many users commend the machines for their durability, ease of use, and overall effectiveness. Users particularly appreciate the accuracy of the monitors, which provide valuable data on performance and progress. The machines’ versatility and adaptability to various fitness levels also receive high praise from customers.

Competitors of Concept2

While Concept2 is a market leader in the rowing machine industry, there are several other brands that offer competition in the fitness market. Some notable competitors include Reebok, Nike, Rogue Fitness, NoBull, Adidas, Under Armour, Inov-8, New Balance, Asics, and Puma.


Reebok is known for its CrossFit shoes and apparel. The brand offers a range of products designed specifically for CrossFit athletes, including shoes with enhanced stability and flexibility.


Nike provides a wide range of CrossFit shoes and gear. The brand’s Metcon line, in particular, is popular among CrossFit enthusiasts for its durability, support, and versatility.

Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness is a leading supplier of CrossFit equipment. The brand is known for its high-quality and durable products, such as barbells, kettlebells, and weight plates.


NoBull is popular for its minimalist CrossFit shoes. The brand focuses on providing athletes with footwear that combines style and functionality, allowing for unrestricted movement during workouts.


Adidas offers a range of CrossFit suitable footwear and clothing. The brand’s products are known for their quality, comfort, and durability, making them a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts.

Under Armour

Under Armour is known for its high-quality CrossFit apparel. The brand offers a range of clothing options that prioritize comfort, flexibility, and breathability to enhance performance during workouts.


Inov-8 specializes in lightweight CrossFit shoes. The brand focuses on providing athletes with footwear that allows for natural movement, optimal grip, and maximum comfort during training sessions.

New Balance

New Balance offers durable shoes for CrossFit. The brand provides athletes with footwear that combines stability, versatility, and cushioning to support a wide range of movements in CrossFit workouts.


Asics is known for its quality CrossFit training shoes. The brand’s products prioritize stability, support, and comfort, making them suitable for various CrossFit exercises and movements.


Puma supplies CrossFit shoes and fitness clothing. The brand’s products are known for their style, functionality, and versatility, catering to the fashion-conscious athlete.

Use of Concept2 products in CrossFit

Concept2 products, particularly the rowing machines, have found their place in CrossFit training regimens. These machines offer a unique and effective way to improve cardiovascular endurance, build strength, and enhance overall performance.

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Concept2 in CrossFit training regimens

Rowing is a popular component of CrossFit workouts, and Concept2 rowing machines provide athletes with an efficient means of incorporating this exercise into their training regimens. Rowing workouts help develop power, endurance, and stamina, making them a valuable addition to any CrossFit routine.

Integration with other CrossFit gear

Concept2 rowing machines can easily be integrated with other CrossFit equipment, such as barbells, kettlebells, and pull-up bars. This allows athletes to create diverse and challenging workouts that target multiple muscle groups and promote overall fitness.

Feedback from CrossFit community

The CrossFit community has consistently praised the use of Concept2 rowing machines in their training. Athletes value the machines’ ability to provide a full-body workout, improve cardiovascular fitness, and enhance overall endurance. Many athletes have reported significant improvements in their performance after incorporating Concept2 rowing machines into their CrossFit routines.


Comparison with other brands

While Concept2 is highly regarded, it’s important to consider how it compares to other brands in the fitness market. Several brands offer products specifically designed for CrossFit athletes. Let’s take a closer look at Nike’s Metcon line, Eleiko, Assault Fitness, and Again Faster.

Nike’s Metcon line

Nike’s Metcon line of shoes and gear is specifically designed for CrossFit athletes. These products are known for their durability, stability, and versatility, making them a popular choice among athletes looking for high-performance equipment.


Eleiko is famous for its high-quality weightlifting equipment. While not directly related to rowing, Eleiko products are often utilized in CrossFit workouts that involve weightlifting exercises. The brand’s equipment is renowned for its durability, precision, and safety.

Assault Fitness

Assault Fitness is known for its Assault AirBike. This piece of equipment provides a full-body workout similar to rowing and is often used as a cardio option in CrossFit workouts. The Assault AirBike is praised for its durability, smooth operation, and customizable resistance.

Again Faster

Again Faster supplies a wide range of CrossFit equipment. The brand offers products such as barbells, plates, racks, and accessories that cater to the needs of CrossFit athletes at all levels. Longevity, quality, and affordability are some of the key features that athletes appreciate in Again Faster’s equipment.

CrossFit Athlete Experience with Concept2

Concept2 rowing machines have become a staple in the CrossFit community, with many elite athletes incorporating them into their training. Let’s explore testimonials from these athletes and the common uses of Concept2 machines in CrossFit.

Testimonials from elite CrossFit athletes

Elite CrossFit athletes have spoken highly of Concept2 rowing machines, emphasizing their effectiveness in improving cardiovascular endurance, developing strength, and enhancing overall performance. These athletes appreciate the versatility of the machines and their ability to provide a challenging workout for any fitness level.

Common uses for Concept2 by CrossFit enthusiasts

In addition to elite athletes, CrossFit enthusiasts of all levels have found various uses for Concept2 rowing machines. These machines are often incorporated into circuits, interval training, and endurance-focused workouts. They provide a full-body workout that complements other CrossFit exercises, helping athletes achieve their fitness goals.

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Concept2’s impact on CrossFit Performance

Concept2 rowing machines have been the subject of studies examining their impact on CrossFit performance. Let’s look at the findings of these studies and the overall effect of rowing machines on CrossFit workouts.

Studies on Concept2’s effect on CrossFit performance

Several studies have investigated the effect of Concept2 rowing machines on CrossFit performance. These studies have found that incorporating rowing workouts into CrossFit training regimens improves cardiovascular fitness, enhances muscle endurance, and increases overall power and strength.

Impact of rowing machines on CrossFit workouts

Rowing machines, including those produced by Concept2, have proven to be a valuable addition to CrossFit workouts. The machines provide a low-impact form of exercise that engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This helps athletes improve their cardiovascular endurance, build strength, and promote overall fitness.

Accessories and Add-ons for Concept2 products

Concept2 offers additional equipment and accessories to enhance the user experience with their rowing machines. These add-ons provide options to customize workouts and maintain the performance of the machines.

Additional equipment for Concept2 rowers

Concept2 offers a range of additional equipment for their rowing machines, including seat pads, smartphone holders, heart rate monitors, and performance monitors. These accessories allow users to track their performance, improve comfort during workouts, and add variety to their training.

Maintenance and servicing of Concept2 products

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of Concept2 products, proper maintenance and servicing are crucial. The brand provides resources and guidelines on how to clean, lubricate, and maintain their rowing machines. They also offer replacement parts and a customer service team to address any concerns or issues.


Pricing and purchasing options

Understanding the pricing and purchasing options for Concept2 products is essential for potential buyers. Let’s delve into the retail pricing, discounts, promotional offers, and where to buy Concept2 products.

Retail pricing for Concept2 equipment

Concept2 offers various models of rowing machines, each with its own pricing. The prices generally range from $900 to $1,500, depending on the model and any additional features or accessories included. The brand’s skierg and bikeerg products have similar pricing structures.

Discounts and promotional offers

Concept2 occasionally offers discounts and promotional offers on their products. These can include sales events, special pricing for certain customer groups (such as military personnel), or package deals when purchasing multiple Concept2 products. It is always recommended to check the brand’s website or authorized retailers for any current promotions.

Where to buy Concept2 products

Concept2 products can be purchased directly from the brand’s official website. Additionally, authorized retailers and distributors also carry the brand’s products. It’s important to ensure that you purchase from a legitimate source to guarantee authenticity and access to warranty and service benefits.

Conclusion: Is Concept2 good for CrossFit?

In conclusion, Concept2 rowing machines are highly beneficial for CrossFit athletes and enthusiasts. The brand’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and durability sets it apart from its competitors. Concept2 offers a versatile range of products that cater to different fitness needs and goals.

The rowing machines provide an effective full-body workout, improving cardiovascular endurance, building strength, and promoting overall fitness. CrossFit athletes and enthusiasts have embraced Concept2 products, incorporating them into their training regimens and witnessing positive outcomes.

While there are competitors in the market, such as Reebok, Nike, Rogue Fitness, and NoBull, Concept2 remains a top choice among the CrossFit community. Elite athletes and customers alike have praised the brand for its exceptional performance, durability, and versatility.

In terms of pricing and purchasing options, Concept2 products are competitively priced within the industry, with periodic discounts and promotional offers available. The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their maintenance and servicing resources and responsive customer service team.

Overall, Concept2 rowing machines are a wise investment for CrossFit athletes looking to enhance their performance, improve cardiovascular fitness, and achieve their fitness goals. With Concept2, you can row your way to success in the CrossFit world.