Top 3 Reasons To Train With New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer

If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable trainer for your CrossFit training, look no further than the New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer. This trainer has been highly acclaimed by athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike for its exceptional performance and durability. In this article, we’ll explore the top three reasons why training with the New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer is a game-changer for your CrossFit workouts. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, this trainer is sure to enhance your training experience and help you reach your goals.

Reason #1: Comfort and Flexibility

The New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer is a top choice for CrossFit enthusiasts due to its exceptional comfort and flexibility.

Lightweight design

The Minimus 20v7 Trainer is designed with a lightweight construction, allowing for unrestricted movement during workouts. Whether you’re performing box jumps, kettlebell swings, or running sprints, these shoes won’t weigh you down. The lightweight design also contributes to reduced fatigue, allowing you to train harder and longer without feeling weighed down by your footwear.

Flexible sole

One of the standout features of the Minimus 20v7 Trainer is its flexible sole. This enables natural foot movement during exercises, providing a more comfortable and efficient training experience. The flexibility of the sole also enhances balance and stability during dynamic movements, minimizing the risk of injury and allowing you to perform at your best.

Breathable upper

Breathability is essential during intense workouts, and the Minimus 20v7 Trainer delivers on this front. The shoe’s upper is designed with breathable materials that allow for proper air circulation, keeping your feet cool and dry even during the most grueling training sessions. This enhances overall comfort and prevents discomfort caused by sweaty or overheated feet.

Reason #2: Durability and Support

When it comes to CrossFit, durability and support are non-negotiable. The New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer excels in both these areas, making it a reliable choice for any athlete.

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Sturdy construction

The Minimus 20v7 Trainer is built to withstand the demands of CrossFit training. With a sturdy construction and high-quality materials, these shoes are built to last. Whether you’re pounding the pavement or pushing heavy weights, you can count on the Minimus 20v7 Trainer to provide the necessary support and durability to keep up with your training regimen.

Supportive midsole

The midsole of the Minimus 20v7 Trainer is designed for optimal support and stability. It offers just the right amount of cushioning to absorb impact and protect your joints during high-impact movements. Additionally, the midsole provides a responsive feel, allowing for quick transitions between exercises and maximizing your performance in the gym.

Reinforced toe

CrossFit workouts can be tough on shoes, especially during exercises that involve dragging or scraping the toes. That’s why the Minimus 20v7 Trainer features a reinforced toe, providing extra protection and durability in this high-stress area. This ensures that your shoes can handle the rigors of CrossFit and maintain their integrity for longer periods of time.

Reason #3: Versatility and Performance

The New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer is renowned for its versatility and high-performance capabilities, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of workouts.

Suitable for various workouts

Whether you’re hitting the box for a high-intensity CrossFit session, heading out for a run, or engaging in functional training exercises, the Minimus 20v7 Trainer is up for the challenge. Its versatile design and performance features make it suitable for a variety of workouts, allowing you to get the most out of every training session without the need for multiple pairs of shoes.

Enhanced traction

Traction is crucial for maintaining stability and preventing slips and falls during dynamic movements. The Minimus 20v7 Trainer features an outsole with enhanced traction, providing a secure grip on various surfaces. This ensures that you can push yourself to the limit without worrying about your footing, allowing you to focus on your performance and improve your training results.

Responsive cushioning

Achieving optimal performance requires shoes that provide responsive cushioning. The Minimus 20v7 Trainer incorporates REVlite cushioning technology, which offers a responsive and springy feel. This cushioning helps to absorb shocks and impacts, providing a comfortable and supportive platform for your workouts. The responsive nature of the cushioning also aids in promoting efficient energy transfer, enabling you to maximize your power output and performance.

Comparison with Other CrossFit Shoes

When choosing the right CrossFit shoes, it’s important to consider how they stack up against other popular options. Let’s compare the New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer with other notable CrossFit shoe brands.

New Balance Minimus vs Reebok

While Reebok is synonymous with CrossFit, the New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer offers a lightweight and flexible design that rivals Reebok’s offerings. The Minimus 20v7 Trainer provides excellent comfort, support, and versatility, making it a worthy competitor in the CrossFit shoe market.

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New Balance Minimus vs Nike

Nike offers a range of CrossFit shoes and gear under its Metcon line, but the New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer stands out for its emphasis on lightweight construction, flexibility, and breathability. The Minimus 20v7 Trainer provides a unique combination of comfort and performance that sets it apart from Nike’s offerings.

New Balance Minimus vs NoBull

NoBull is known for its minimalist CrossFit shoes, but the New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer brings a similar minimalist design while offering superior comfort and flexibility. The Minimus 20v7 Trainer’s durability, support, and versatile performance make it a compelling alternative to NoBull shoes.

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback can provide valuable insights into the performance and benefits of a product. Here are some positive reviews from customers who have trained with the New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer.

Positive feedback on comfort

Many customers highlight the exceptional comfort of the Minimus 20v7 Trainer. They praise the lightweight design, flexible sole, and cushioning technology for providing a comfortable and supportive fit that allows them to train for extended periods without discomfort.

Appreciation for durability

Customers are consistently impressed with the durability of the Minimus 20v7 Trainer. They report that these shoes can withstand the demands of CrossFit workouts, including rope climbs, box jumps, and weightlifting. The reinforced toe and sturdy construction ensure that the shoes maintain their integrity even with regular use.

Praise for versatility

Customers rave about the versatility of the Minimus 20v7 Trainer. They appreciate the ability to use these shoes for a variety of workouts, including CrossFit, running, and functional training. The shoes’ ability to perform well in different training modalities eliminates the need for multiple pairs of shoes, saving both money and storage space.

Tips for Training with New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer

To optimize your training experience with the New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer, consider the following tips:

Gradually break-in the shoes

While the Minimus 20v7 Trainer offers exceptional comfort out of the box, it’s still essential to allow your feet time to adjust to the shoes. Start with shorter training sessions and gradually increase the duration and intensity to avoid any discomfort or potential issues.

Pair with suitable CrossFit gear

To ensure optimal performance, pair your Minimus 20v7 Trainer with suitable CrossFit gear. Invest in moisture-wicking socks, supportive knee sleeves, and comfortable workout apparel to enhance your overall training experience.

Maintain proper foot hygiene

Keep your feet healthy and comfortable by practicing good foot hygiene. This includes regular cleaning and drying of your Minimus 20v7 Trainer, as well as using foot powder or antiperspirant spray to minimize moisture and odor. Regularly inspect the shoes for any signs of wear or damage that may affect their performance.

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Innovative Features of New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer

The New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer incorporates several innovative features that contribute to its outstanding performance as a CrossFit shoe.

REVlite cushioning technology

The Minimus 20v7 Trainer features REVlite cushioning technology, which offers a lightweight yet responsive feel. This technology provides ample cushioning to absorb impacts while promoting efficient energy transfer, enabling you to train with comfort and intensity.

Meta Support midsole

The Meta Support midsole of the Minimus 20v7 Trainer enhances stability and support during dynamic movements. It helps to prevent excessive foot pronation and provides a secure platform for lifting and other strength exercises.

Vibram outsole

The Minimus 20v7 Trainer’s Vibram outsole ensures excellent traction and durability. The outsole’s high-performance rubber compound enhances grip on various surfaces, while the durable construction allows for long-lasting wear and tear resistance.

How to Choose the Right CrossFit Shoes

Selecting the right CrossFit shoes is crucial for optimal performance and injury prevention. Consider these factors when choosing your next pair:

Consider your workout style

Think about the type of exercises you primarily engage in during your CrossFit training. If you focus more on weightlifting, look for shoes with a stable base and supportive features. If your workouts involve a mix of running and functional movements, prioritize shoes with flexibility and cushioning.

Evaluate shoe fit and comfort

Proper fit and comfort are essential for any shoe, especially CrossFit shoes. Ensure that the shoes you choose provide a snug yet comfortable fit. Look for a toe box with enough room for natural toe splay and proper arch support that aligns with the shape of your feet.

Check for specific CrossFit features

Consider the specific features that are important for your CrossFit training. Look for shoes with durable, abrasion-resistant materials for longevity. Features like rope guards, reinforced toes, and midsole stability systems can also enhance performance and protection during CrossFit workouts.

Tips for Extending the Lifespan of CrossFit Shoes

To maximize the lifespan of your CrossFit shoes, follow these simple tips:

Rotate between multiple pairs

Using multiple pairs of CrossFit shoes allows each pair to rest and recover between workouts. This reduces the stress on a single pair of shoes and helps extend their overall lifespan.

Clean and store properly

Regularly clean your CrossFit shoes to remove dirt, sweat, and odor. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, store your shoes in a clean, dry area to prevent moisture damage and maintain their shape.

Replace when signs of wear appear

Pay attention to the condition of your shoes and replace them as soon as signs of wear and tear appear. Worn-out soles, loose stitching, or a decrease in comfort and support indicate that it’s time for a new pair of CrossFit shoes.


The New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer offers a winning combination of comfort, durability, and performance, making it an excellent choice for CrossFit enthusiasts. The lightweight design, flexible sole, and breathable upper ensure exceptional comfort and flexibility. The sturdy construction, supportive midsole, and reinforced toe provide the durability and support needed for intense CrossFit workouts. The versatility, enhanced traction, and responsive cushioning make the Minimus 20v7 Trainer suitable for various training modalities. When comparing the Minimus 20v7 Trainer with other popular CrossFit shoe brands, it holds its own in terms of comfort, performance, and innovation. Customer reviews consistently reflect positive feedback on comfort, durability, and versatility. By following the recommended tips for training, choosing the right CrossFit shoes, and extending the lifespan of your footwear, you can optimize your training experience, improve performance, and enjoy the benefits of the New Balance Minimus 20v7 Trainer.